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VBPMN Framework

VBPMN supports formal modelling and automated analysis of business processes using formal verification tools. It features a web interface for comparing BPMN 2.0 models.

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Version 1.1
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BPMN 2.0

Click-and-Play Process Verification

Compare and verify your business process models in a few clicks! Simply upload your process models to check for equivalence. VBPMN does the job of automated analysis and formal verification behind the scenes and displays the results.

Instant Feedback

When you compare the models, get instant feedback through a counterexample in case of a comparison mismatch. Use the counterexample to correct and refine the models.

Comprehensive Analysis

VBPMN provides a comprehensive platform for comparing models. Compare all the elements of the model or only selected elements. Check for specific properties like deadlock freedom, cycle etc.

Model-driven Formal Engineering

VBPMN follows a two step model-driven aproach for business process verification: Process models undergo model to model transformation to an intermediate model, PIF. In the backend, PIF models are transformed into formal models to perform analysis using top-notch formal verification tools.

Supported languages and notations

VBPMN supports comparison of BPMN 2.0 compliant models. In the backend, it supports verification using the LOTOS NT formal notation and the CADP state-of-the-art verification tool.


In addition to the web interface, VBPMN framework provides REST API for clients to build custom interfaces suited to their needs.